by David Basch

          This book, published in 1996, continues the explorations that began with The Hidden Shakespeare. It sheds further light on the great poet's Jewish origin and his use of Talmudic and Aggadic -- non legalistic -- allusions in his work. These revealing facts enable a never before attainable understanding of the poet and his work.

    Among many new revelations:

      -- Judaic elements in The Tempest. Chapter 1, "Mysterious Tempest," is positively spell binding. Not only is William Shakespeare revealed as a poet much home with arcane Judaic lore, but one who brings a message of world significance through this play.

      -- New evidence that William Shakespeare participated in the writing of the King James Version of the Bible. It has long been known that there is a device in Psalm 46 presenting Shakespeare's last name. However, additional analysis shows that the device is more elaborate than merely the citing of the poet's name. (This subject has since been augmented by additional findings presented in The Shakespeare Codes.) There is every indication that the poet's hand was active in this majestic work of translation.

      -- A survey of never before revealed Judaic elements that are to be found in a cross section of the poet's work, including his use of Hebrew as a telltale sign in naming some of his characters.

      -- Shakespeare's devices. Among other revelations, we discover the poet's revelatory identification of himself, a testimony to be read from the design of his Coat of Arms (try probing its coded information yourself) and learn as well of his revealing legacy of portraits, depicting a young, red-haired Shakespeare and the mysterious Friend of the Sonnets, painted by a renowned Elizabethan artist.

      -- Hamlet in depth. The many parallels between Hamlet and the Bible's Ecclesiastes are revealed, including the Talmudic controversies that are integral parts of the story and which provide essential keys to the understanding of this masterpiece of drama.


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